2020 SKA Tournament Trail Rules Update

2020 SKA Tournament Trail Rules UpdateAs we head into the 2020 season we want to make sure everyone reads the updated rules and changes. As most of you are aware we implemented the new 2020 Kingfish Kash Incentive program where based on the number of 100% membership teams we will pay or oprovide prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. The payouts...

Check out the NEW 2020 TWT's

YOU ASKED FOR IT... HERE THEY ARE As we get ready to kick off the 2020 SKA Tournament Trail we wanted to introduce our new Event, Divisional and Tournament Trail TWT's. For each Division event, there will be the following TWT's $100 TWT - Over 10 - 1/2/3- Under 10 Entries Winner Take All $100 Small Boat TWT - Over 10 - 1/2/3- Under 10 Entries...

Key West Kingfish Mayhem Team Check-in and Points Registration

Division 11 Anglers! Competing in the Key West Kingfish Mayhem on January 16-19? Check-in and register for points early. IMPORTANT:You MUST check in with at least 50% of CREW (with minimum of TWO) as ACTIVE MEMBERS to be eligible for points. You MUST check-in 100% of CREW (with minimum of TWO) as ACTIVE MEMBERS to be eligible for the KINGFISH KASHprogram. Good luck anglers!

Announcing 2020 Division 10

Division 10 are you ready to kick off the 2020 tournament trail? Well, mark your calendars for the following events. Make sure you renew or join the SKA today -->>  Division 10 - South Florida02-27-2020  2020 OAPB KINGFISH TOURNAMENT03-12-2020  2020 PALM BEACH MAYHEM 05-22-2020  2020 ANGLERS FOR SOLDIERS KDW07-10-2020  2020 SAILFISH MARINA BIG DOG FAT CAT KDW08-20-2020  2020 CHASENTAILZ KDW FISHING TOURNAMENT

Announcing the new DIVISION 11

The SKA would like to announce for 2020 our new Division 11 - South Florida II Division. Division 11 will kick off Jan 16th at the Meat Mayhem event in Key West, FL. Make sure you renew your membership or sign up today to join us in Key West. 

Go Big and Win Big with New High Roller Kingfish Calcuttas!

Go big and win big! The Southern Kingfish Association is excited to announce two new HIGH ROLLER Kingfish Calcutta categories! In addition to the $100 Kingfish Calcutta, you can now win big with the $500 50/30/20 category* and the $1,000 Winner Take All category. But you've got to be in it to win it, so be sure to check with your SKA representative at the next event. CASH ONLY. (*If under 10 entrants, the $100 and $500 categories are Winner Take All.)

U.S. Open King Mackerel Tournament

Great turn out at the 2019 U.S. Open KMT. Congratulations to Nauti-Edition III for taking 1st Place! Division 2 SKA Winners - 1st Place - Team Liquid Fire 2nd Place - Team Triple Trouble3rd Place - Team Karma BitesTop Junior Angler - Team Salty Daze, Logan StaleyTop Lady Angler - Team Salty Daze, Christy StaleyTop Senior Angler - Team Karma Bites, William BoggsDivision...

She Said Yes Again Wins BSS King of the Cape

Congraulations to Team She Said Yes Again for winning the BSS King of the Cape with a 41.86 lb King Mackerel! It was a great weekend for King Mackerel Fishing. 

Division 10: Chasen' Tailz Date Change Due to Weather

Due to weather the dates for the Chasen' Tailz KDW Fishing Tournament have changed. The captians meeting is September 19th at Harbourside Place at 6pm. The new fishing date will be September 28th, leave from any inlet. Weigh in will be at Harbourside Place 2pm-4pm. If you plan to fish you must attend the captians meeting. Hope to see you...