It's Mayhem in Fort Lauderdale!

You won't want to miss the first Division 10 event!  

Kick off 2017 at the Pelican Bend Gulf Coast Open!

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Tracy Strong - Captain of Profishnt Fishing Team

Profishnt Fishing Team has been a part of the SKA since 2016 although we have all been fishing the Florida waters for over 30 years now. In 2014 we decided to start fishing some local tournaments for fun and found out how much we enjoyed doing so. In 2015 we decided to do even more. We took 7th place wahoo...

Jeff Burns from Epinephrine Fishing Team

While we have fished for years, 2016 was our first year of tournament fishing in the SKA’s division 7 and we have loved every minute of it. Tournament king mackerel fishing is truly addicting for us! The pure excitement and anticipation that develops when a big king is on line making a drag blistering run just can’t be replicated. Co-captain...