Division 10 Team Highlight - Hold Em Hook

Congratulations to Captain Christian Thomas and Team Hold Em Hook the Division 10 Single Engine Winners

Division 10 Team Highlight - Frustrated Amateurs

Congratulations to Captain Alfredo Miranda and Team Frustrated Amateurs the Division 10 Small Boat Winners from Florida!

Division 10 Team Highlight - How Ya Reelin

Congratulations to Captain Eric Neidorf and Team How Ya Reelin the Division 10 Open Class Winners from Florida!

Division 9 Team Highlight - ShoeString

Congratulations to Captain Carl Martin and Team ShoeString the Division 9 Single Engine Winners from North Carolina!

Division 9 Team Highlight - The Black Pearl

Congratulations to Captain Tripp Hooks and Team The Black Pearl the Division 9 Small Boat Winners from North Carolina!

Division 9 Team Highlight - Blue Water Candy/Windy Conditions

Congratulations to Captain Henry Tillet and Team Blue Water Candy/Windy Conditions the Division 9 Open Class Winners from North Carolina!