$100,000.00 bonus is on the line at Nationals!

$100,000.00 bonus is on the line at Nationals for breaking the N.C. SKA State record 66.55 lbs!

To qualify for the prize the potential winner must meet the following criteria.

Eligible Species: King Mackerel

Angler and team must adhere to all SKA rules

The team must be registered and cleared to participate in National Championship by SKA.

Fish may not be caught by net, or any other way not described in SKA Rules. Contact SKA with any questions regarding this.

Fish must exceed the CURRENT SKA NC STATE RECORD. At this time the record is 66.55 pounds, the existing record at the time of captains meeting will be the benchmark to beat.

Winning angler must pass a polygraph test.

Only one prize will be awarded. If multiple fish over the current NC SKA state record are caught, the largest will win. In the event of a tie the time the fish was weighed will break the tie, with the earlier time winning.

SKA has the final decision on the eligibility of any fish brought to weigh in.