2020 SKA Tournament Trail Rules Update

2020 SKA Tournament Trail Rules Update

As we head into the 2020 season we want to make sure everyone reads the updated rules and changes. 

As most of you are aware we implemented the new 2020 Kingfish Kash Incentive program where based on the number of 100% membership teams we will pay or provide prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. The payouts are listed below based on the numbers of teams. 

All team members fishing each event must be current SKA members for the team to be eligible for the Kingfish Kash incentive program. There must be a minimum of 25 teams with 100% memberships in that Division/Class to be eligible for the payout. 

If members are found to be dishonest and you do not have 100% membership (and you claimed you did) you will be banned from the program. 

Our TWO Boat Classes for 2020 will be Open Class and Small Boat Class. Boats 26 feet (LOA) and less will be considered Small Boat while boats 27 feet and up will automatically be classified as Open Class. Boats under 26.5 feet who wish to compete in the Open Class can elect to fish in the Open Class. Please refer to the rules for exact definitions ---> https://fishska.com/page/rules

We have also updated our Junior, Senior, Lady, and NextGen awards to state - Anglers must be a member of the team that drives the boat, angles, gaffs, or participates in catching the fish. Our goal is to get everyone involved and recognized for their accomplishments. 

2020 TWT's - We also have new TWT's for each Event, Division and Tournament Trail. There will be the following TWT's

Event $100 TWT  

$100 Small Boat TWT  

$500 TWT - Over 10 - 1/2/3 

Division TWT $1,000 - Division High Roller - TWT - 1/2/3 

    - Division Top 3 Fish Agg - Must commit before 1st Div event and Declare Division  

Tournament Trail $1,000 - Tournament Trail High Roller 

    - TWT - Winner Take All - - Top 3 Fish Agg + Nationals 2020 (2) Fish - Must commit before 1st event

We are also excited to announce our NEXTGEN category.  Competition Next Generation (NEXTGEN) Anglers are defined as 13 to 17 years old. They are the future of our sport and we look forward to recognizing and building our NEXTGEN program. 

2021 Nationals Qualification 

To qualify for the National Championship a team must finish in the Top 25% of the overall Division standings. 

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