25 Members = $7000 Bonus in Pompano

At Leg 2 of the Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit in Pompano Beach this weekend there are over $275,000 in Cash & Prizes available! 

You can also win an additional $7,000 if you're an SKA member at Pompano Beach Saltwater Slam! 

That’s right! Bluewater Movements has always made it easy for SKA teams to win by offering $2,000 to the top SKA team. At the tournament this weekend, SKA will match Bluewater Movement's prize of $2,000, equally $4,000 for the winner. 

If SKA signs up 25 new members at the Saltwater Slam, then an additional $3,000 is added to the bonus– giving the top placing SKA Team a $7,000 payout!

It really pays to be an SKA member – so help up the ante and spread the word. The more participating SKA anglers at the Slam means a higher payout for the top placing SKA Team! See fishska.com for more details.


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