For the past 25 years the Southern Kingfish Association has been in the forefront of saltwater fishing tournaments, but there is so much more to their tournament trails than just the competition. While their events attract the best fishermen in the country they are also known for their inclusiveness. Their awards categories for Lady Anglers and Junior Anglers make it clear that SKA tournaments are open to everyone, but what makes them so different is the men, women and kids fish together as part of the same team aboard boats in both the open, single engine and small boat classes. By doing this, the SKA has made their tournaments family friendly and the results have been fantastic.

Go to any SKA sanctioned tournament and you will see fathers and mothers fishing with sons and daughters, husband and wife teams both young and old, senior anglers and on some boats, three generations of family members all in on the competition. I can’t think of any other participation sport that presents the opportunity for an entire family to compete as a team in a high stakes tournament and that makes the SKA Tournament Trail totally unique! Their efforts have helped to bring families together while presenting kids with a healthy alternative to video games and the potentially bad influences of peer pressure. The initial concept and the way it has blossomed over the years are certainly things to be very proud about.


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