Attitude is Everything

I have been fishing King Mackerel Tournaments since 1989 and joined the SKA in 1991 the year it started. I have always tried to have a positive attitude toward the SKA and the other fisherman. I think that’s transfers to your fishing as well. I tell all my guys before the start of the season every year, Let the experience, the fellowship with the other fisherman and the sites we get to see on this great Ocean the Lord has blessed us with be enough. If we catch a decent fish, then count that as a Bonus. Just enjoy the experience. A positive attitude is a must, I think the fish can sense a poor attitude and will stay away from you, I really do believe that. You see teams that consistently catch fish and you see teams that don’t. It’s not they have some kind of secret weapon that you don’t have, I think it’s the attitude they have. Look, we all use the same Bait, basically the same Rigs and present them basically the same way so what else can it be? With a good attitude and a blessing from up above we have been fortunate enough to win several events and place in the top ten on numerous occasions over the years. I also think treating your fellow Fisherman with respect is as important as anything we do. I have always been willing to help other fisherman anyway I can and I feel when I need help, the favor will be returned. In closing I would like to thank the SKA, NBOA and all the sponsors for what they do for our sport. Without sponsors, none of us could compete at the level we do. Tight Lines to all and be safe.

David Lucas


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