Thank you to all of the juniors who participated in our first ever junior angler essay contest on "What the SKA Means to Me"! Our staff thoroughly enjoyed reading each of the submissions and had a tough time narrowing it down. Congratulations to Hunter Irvine for winning the contest! He will be receiving a $50 gift certificate to and his essay will be published in our Angler Magazine. Check out the other junior angler essays! 

Hunter Irvine - Young Guns

My name is Hunter Irvine, I am 12 years old and I have been fishing the SKA for 5 years. I fish with my dad, brother, sister and friends on Young Guns. We fish division 10 and the Mercury pro tour. Fishing is something I love to do; and I think the SKA tournaments are the most fun and challenging tournaments I have ever fished. Fishing the SKA means a lot of things to me; time with my family, learning things from my dad, traveling to cool places being a good sport and having fun. It’s not really as much fun when we don’t catch a big kingfish but it’s still more fun than anything.

Fishing the SKA means; fishing cool places like, Key West. Key West is my favorite tournament of the year, my family loves going to the Keys in January. Fishing is always so much fun there. Catching bait and pre-fishing in Key West is so fun even my mom likes to come. Tournament days can be tough, sometimes we run up to 100 miles to catch a fish. If it’s blowing on tournament day then my body can take a beating but it doesn’t matter, coming in with a nice kingfish is the best feeling in the world.

Fishing the SKA means; learning from some of the best fishermen in the country. I have learned so much from fishing the SKA. I have leaened about different bait and different ways people catch kingfish. I like visiting other fishing places and learning how they fish for kingfish and trying out new ways to get a big fish on the boat.

Fishing the SKA means; being a good sport and having fun. We don’t always catch a big fish but we always have fun on our boat. We want to win, everyone wants to win but we fish because we like it. We’ve made a lot of friends and we always try and have respect for others. We also have respect for the fisheries that we are fishing in.

Fishing the SKA means; forgetting about NF2. It seems like there are always some medical things I have to do in between fishing tournaments but as long as I can still fish after, that’s all I care about. I wish other kids who have problems could go fishing too because it makes you forget everything bad. Fishing the SKA with my dad and family keeps us all together and we always have so much fun traveling and fishing, I wish other kids who have to have surgeries or go to the hospital a lot could have fishing to take away their worries.

I have won division 10 and National Junior Angler fishing with the SKA. Fishing the National Championship is a lot of fun. Fishing the oil rigs in the gulf is the best fishing in the world. It’s so much fun letting 30 pound kings go because you have a bigger one on the boat. At Nationals I caught my biggest kingfish. I’ve also caught cobia, wahoo and dolphin. The best fishermen in the country come to the National Championship and we love being there. Sometimes it’s cold and rough but it’s always worth the trip.

This year I got the Master Junior Angler award from the Saltwater Showdown. I place top Junior in all three tournaments. I have my own boat, ‘Young Guns Too’, a 21 foot Sea Hunt that my dad custom built for me. One day I would like to fish a tournament on my own boat and take a kid who has never been fishing, so I could share with him my passion for fishing and the ocean. I plan on fishing all my life and I hope I can keep fishing with the SKA.


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