Good Luck = Preparation plus Opportunity

Involvement in the SKA on a regular basis began for me back in 2004.  Good friends Todd Parrish, Bruce Shrock, David Holifield and I would always talk and say we need to go fishing but invariably a time and date were never picked and without putting a date on the calendar, the trips would never happen.  Having fished mainly tarpon and the local kingfish tournaments for many years we decided that by committing to a series of SKA tournaments the dates and times were picked for us.  And so it began.  Following some early success in the small boat division, we really got into the SKA tournament circuit.  We enjoyed the traveling, fishing waters that we probably would never have fished as well as the many friends we made along the way.  So, twelve years later we are still at it and have been fortunate enough to have won the Division six small boat class a couple of times and the Division 11 small boat class once.  One of the highlights would be finishing in first place at the Marco Island KMT.  All of this is a result of making sure you and your friends are “scheduled” to fish.  Our team believes that “good luck” is a result of preparation and opportunity meeting.  Making sure the boat, tackle, bait and crew are all ready and then fishing to the bitter end during every tournament is key.  So, when the big bite comes, you are positioned to “play with em in the boat” and see your luck improve!  Team Top Down has had a lot of fun and learned a lot in our travels.  The bottom line is that you must maintain your focus and keep the baits in the water as long as possible because you never know when the big fish is going to eat.  While waiting for the “fat lady to sing” we have had several money fish eat at the last second.  Then it was off to the scales on a wild ride to beat the clock!  So make sure you keep the baits in the water till the very last possible second!  Team Top Down would like to thank the staff and sponsors of the SKA as well as all the local tournament directors for the great job they do in putting together the KMT events.  Your time and energy are appreciated by not only the local charities and groups who benefit but by all of us who are out there competing.  Good luck and see you at the scales!  


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