Jeff Burns from Epinephrine Fishing Team

While we have fished for years, 2016 was our first year of tournament fishing in the SKA’s division 7 and we have loved every minute of it. Tournament king mackerel fishing is truly addicting for us! The pure excitement and anticipation that develops when a big king is on line making a drag blistering run just can’t be replicated. Co-captain Chase Howell and I have heard many tournament tales and fishing experiences from our good friend and fishing mentor Duke Parker. Those tournament tales and past experiences have fueled our desire to compete with and against this excellent group of fisherman. Throughout our first year we have met some amazing people, teams, and sponsors who make this fishing family what it is today. All of these people have shared a common theme which is the desire to see this sport grow and be passed on to new teams and to future generations of anglers. The SKA’s Division 7 is a smaller group of teams that we feel have graciously welcomed us to the fishing family. We are anxiously awaiting the start of our 2017 SKA tournament year and look forward to meeting more of the great people in this fishing community.  

We are currently sponsored by Loadmaster and apart of Wet Sounds pro staff. Loadmaster ensures we are set up with the best custom trailer on the road. Their customer service to the public, teams, and organizations is unmatched! Wet Sounds makes sure we are riding out with the highest performing marine audio equipment whether at the sandbar or making a long tournament run. We are proud to be affiliated with both of these amazing companies.

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