2019 National Rules and Registration Forms

2019 National Championship Rules

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Angler Qualification: To qualify for the National Championship an angler must be a current SKA member and fish in at least 2 SKA sanctioned events. This means angler name will be on the Points Form that is submitted to the SKA at the captain's meeting, and angler participates in the event. Captains that qualify for the Championship may choose crew members to fish the Championship from the general pool of qualified SKA anglers.

Team Qualification: To qualify for the National Championship a team must compete in at least 2 SKA sanctioned events, and weigh in a King Mackerel (minimum 10.0 pounds) in at least one of those sanctioned events. Teams that meet these criteria will be invited to compete in the SKA’s National Championship and will receive an invitation to notify them of their selection. Captains can fish with their original team or may pick their crew from the general competition member rank and file of the SKA.

All members of a National Championship crew must be current SKA competition members and have fished in at least two SKA sanctioned tournaments during the current season. SKA Corporate Partners and members of the press are the only exceptions and must be approved by the SKA management prior to fishing. Captains must submit a request to the SKA for an exemption at least 60 days prior to National Championship.

Note to Captains: Make sure throughout the season that any crew that you would like to attend the National Championship are current SKA Competition members. Any boat qualifying in more than one division will go to the Nationals based on their highest Divisional finish and will be pulled from any lower Divisional finishes, allowing other boats to move up. The boat, however, still gets credit for where they finish for the record books.

In regards to Divisional awards, any ties in Divisional competition will be broken by the size of the largest fish of the three that count toward the boat’s points. The boat with the larger fish will break the tie. In the event of identical big fish weights, the size of the second-largest fish will break the tie, and if needed, the third-largest fish. Any and all ties in the divisional competition will be broken. There will be no co-winners or equal placing in the divisions.

Small Boat Class boats are competing for their own set of prizes in the Nationals, and are unable to win any prizes in any other Class (and vice versa). Single Engine Class boats are competing for their own set of prizes in the Nationals, and are unable to win any prizes in any other Class (and vice versa).

Past National Champions and past Anglers of the Year are automatically qualified for the Championship and will be purged from any divisional qualifying finishes, allowing other boats to move up. (Must use the name of boat used for Championship wins or Angler of the Year title). Past Champions and Anglers of the Year must fish a minimum of two sanctioned events during the calendar year to be eligible for participation in the Championship. Past National Champions do not have to fish in the class they won in, as long as they fish the minimum required 2 sanctioned events in that class. If the past champion remains in the same class, the Captain may choose to bring another boat (other than the one originally qualified in) to the Championship, however, it must conform to the class they won the title in. If the Captain elects not to attend the National Championship, so as not to penalize the co-captain and team members, they can elect to use the qualifying position. They must use the boat name that the captain won the title in for at least 2 sanctioned events during the current season. The past National Champion Captain must notify SKA of this change at least 60 days before the Championship and receive approval to transfer the qualifying position.

All other Official SKA Rules and Regulations apply.