NEW Ways To Win BIG On The Tournament Trail In 2021

We are excited to kick off our 2021 SKA Tournament Trail and celebrate our 30th anniversary. As well all know the last year was tough on our anglers, tournaments, and sponsors. The pandemic took its toll on everyone in some shape, form or fashion. We thank you all for being so supportive and patient. 

As we kick of the new year, we want to educate you on a few new and exciting programs. Over the past few years, we heard our members loud and clear. “How can we win more”. These program give YOU the ability to WIN more on the tournament trial. 


New for 2021 is our SKA + Membership. This is a way to enhance our Kingfish Kash program and is an incentive payout for members based on teams that have 100% membership onboard during a SKA Partner tournaments or SKA tournaments.  

 Here are the steps to win. 

  1. Join/Renew/Upgrade as a 2021 SKA+ Member (Cost $100 – Upgrade Cost (from regular ska membership $25)
  2. Ensure all members on your team have a current SKA+ Membership - This only applies to adults and Juniors/NextGen members do not need to be a SKA+ member.
  3. The Captain of the team must declare a region for the teams fish to count in.

           North - SKA Divisions 1, 2, 9

           South - SKA Divisions 3, 4, 5

           South Florida - SKA Division 10

           West - SKA Divisions 6, 7, 8

4. Your 3 heaviest fish count for points. 

5. Program Payouts by Region

        1st Place – $5,000

        2nd Place – $3000

        3rd Place – $2000

        4th Place – $1000

        5th Place – $500

 There must be a minimum of 25 teams with 100% memberships in that Region to be eligible for the payout. 


6. Only ONE Fish Per Tournament will count for points.


7. This is a 3 fish aggregate contest.


We will offer the following event TWT's on the tournament trial. 

$1,000 - High Roller

$500 - Almost High Roller

$100 - SKA Tournament TWT

$100 - Small Boat


Win BIG with Divisional Jackpots. 

All you have to do is pay the one-time entry fee(s) at any event's Captains' Party to start qualifying for that Division's Jackpot(s).

There will be the option to get in any of the Jackpots

$1,000 Jackpot

$500 Jackpot

$250 Jackpot

Divisional Jackpots will pay out three places. Aggregate of top three (3) fish weighed in qualifying events within same Division. Largest kingfish per event; only one (1) fish per event.

Payout will be 50%, 30%, 20% based on participation at the end of the 2021 season. (Winners must submit a W9 and will receive a 1099; SSN/TIN and picture required to collect winnings.)

Divisional Jackpots can be paid in cash, credit card and venmo (@FishSKA) 




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