Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit Announces New Tournament Dates

Dates for these "meat fishing" events has been slid back to avoid quarantines, with events now beginning in June--see the full schedule here.

With May still looming under stay-at-home and quarantine orders we have decided to move the 1st leg of the series, the Saltwater Shootout (which was originally scheduled for May 14-17) to July 16-19.

So with this date change, this means that the 1st leg of the series will now be the Saltwater Slam on its scheduled date of June 11-14. By this date in June we're hoping that events will be able to go back to "normal" and we'll be able to still do the kick-off party/captains meeting, weigh-in, and awards as scheduled (if something prevents us being able to hold the extra gatherings I will notify you).

So the NEW UPDATED COVID-19 schedule for the Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit is:

Saltwater Slam

June 11-14

Saltwater Shootout

July 16-19

Saltwater Showdown

August 13-16


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