Pro Tour

Southern Kingfish Association’s 2016 Mercury Marine Professional Kingfish Tour: North vs. South

Welcome Anglers! We’re extremely excited to announce the official plans for the 2016 Mercury Professional Tour. Designed to determine the best King Mackerel fishing team of the North and South, it’s important to remember that whether you fish on a 23’ Sea Pro or a 32’ Contender, if you are up to the challenge of competing in 4 tour events amongst your region’s peers, your team is welcomed and encouraged to compete. This Tour is all about skill, and the ability to consistently weigh good fish.

An outline of the Tour and its structure is listed below. For further details, please see PRO Tour Rules here.

•There will be a total of 9 events – 4 Northern Events, 4 Southern Events, and one Championship

a.  Some of the events are corresponding with an existing SKA tournament, some of them will be their own standalone event, run by SKA

b.  PRO Championship will be the final event of the Tour used to decide the Overall Championship Team and Angler of the Year


a. A total of 60 Teams will be approved to fish the 2016 Tour (30 Northern Teams, and 30 Southern Teams)

b. Acceptance into the 2016 Tour is on a first come, first serve basis. Once the limit is reached, it will not be extended.

c. Applications will be available online, as a downloadable PDF form on the PRO Tour page

d. The full Rules are included on the Application form, as well as on our website, under “Rules”

e.  Teams must email or mail in their applications to [email protected] on or before March 1, 2016 – no exceptions

f. Teams must designate which PRO Circuit they’re planning on competing in: either North or South

g. A Team cannot compete in both Circuits, they can only identify with one

• Entry Fee

a.  One-time Entry Fee per Team is $6,000, with a $2,000 deposit due on or before March 1, 2016.  $2,000 due April 1, and final $2,000 due May 1.

b. Payment plans will be allowed. Contact SKA Office for details.(final payment due on May 1 no exceptions)

• Teams

a. Teams can have a maximum of 7 members: Captain, co-captain and 5 crew

b. Crew members must be designated AT TIME OF APPLICATION

c.  Members must all be current SKA members at time of PRO Application. To sign up for your 2016 SKA Tournament Trail

Membership, click here.

d. Please note all Crew Members and Captain must fish at least ONE Circuit event in order to fish the PRO Championship

• Events

a. Two days of fishing – one fish each day

b. Boundaries will apply depending on each individual event’s boundaries

• Points

a. Total Aggregate weight determines your place in standings, and overall Team points to be awarded

b. All Teams fishing the Professional Championship will come to event with TOP THREE points from their Circuit events. Championship event points will act as the fourth and final points factor, and determine 2016 Professional Champion

c. This means, teams can fish all four events, and their lowest points will be dropped from their overall tally/standings for their Circuit

d. Participation points will not be used this year

• Standings

a. There will be three sets of Standings to view for the PRO Tour: by Circuit (overall North Standings AND overall South Standings), and then by entire Tour

b. Again, best three points will determine overall standings, prior to the Championship in November

c. The Top Placing Team in each Circuit will win a Title as the 2016 Professional Tour Champion of the North and 2016 Professional Tour Champion of the South

d. The PRO Championship serves as the FOURTH event, those participating teams’ weights will determine the fourth set of points that will determine the PRO Tour Champion and Angler of the Year and the final standings for the overall Tour.

• Prizes

a. Payouts for all Circuit events are based on 30 Teams in each Circuit (60 Teams Total) *payouts will change depending on final numbers!

    1St Place: $20,000

    2nd Place: $10,000

    3rd Place: $5,000

    4th Place: $3,000

b. Additional Awards:

    $5,000: Pro Champion of the North

    $5,000: Pro Champion of the South

    $10,000: Overall 2016 Mercury Professional Tour Team of the Year

    *Additional awards compliments of Mercury Marine

• Important To Note

a.  Teams are allowed to fish PRO events in their opposing Circuit. i.e. a North Team can fish a Southern PRO event.

b. Teams wishing to fish opposing Circuit events, need to register with SKA Office at least one week prior to the event. PRO Event Registration Forms will be available to download as a PDF on the PRO Tour page. Forms must be emailed/mailed in with additional event fee ($1,000) to SKA office.

c. Your Team will be registered the for that event, but YOUR WEIGHT CANNOT COUNT TOWARD YOUR BEST THREE CIRCUIT POINTS. Only Points earned within a Team’s designated Circuit will count toward their best three.