January 29, 2016, Sarasota, FL – The Southern Kingfish Association (SKA) officially announces the location for their 2016 Mercury Professional Kingfish Championship and SKA National Championship: Fort Pierce, Florida.

“We’re extremely excited to bring our largest tournaments of the year back to the City of Ft. Pierce,” says Jim Butler, SKA Director of Operations. The Professional Tour Championship will be November 7-9 and the Nationals event is scheduled for November 10-13.  The National Championship serves as the official end to the SKA’s 2016 Mercury Tournament Trail. Top teams from 9 regional divisions will travel to Ft. Pierce and compete for the coveted title of National Champion within their Class. This event will also serve as the 26th Anniversary Celebration of the Southern Kingfish Association’s inception.

“We all are familiar with the connotation of the Treasure Coast. To anglers they know that our fishing grounds are a treasure trove in themselves” says St. Lucie County Commissioner Chris Dzadovsky.  “With securing this agreement with the Southern Kingfish Association with a multi-year commitment, our area businesses, hoteliers, restaurants, and tourist venues will benefit annually from the treasures they will experience.”

With thousands of dedicated anglers hailing from across the Southeast, the SKA chose Ft. Pierce to be a part of its rotating National Championship tour.  It’s the SKA’s intention to rotate the National Championship location every season. Jim Butler highlights, “It’s important to ensure our Championship is accessible to all our anglers. We want them to experience different locations and ultimately, it makes the Championship win all-the-more challenging. We're looking forward to Ft. Pierce being one of our banner locations for years to come."

The SKA staff wishes all its anglers a successful tournament season, with tight lines and big fish.


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