Tracy Strong - Captain of Profishnt Fishing Team

Profishnt Fishing Team has been a part of the SKA since 2016 although we have all been fishing the Florida waters for over 30 years now. In 2014 we decided to start fishing some local tournaments for fun and found out how much we enjoyed doing so. In 2015 we decided to do even more. We took 7th place wahoo in the Palm Beach County KDW Classic and 5th place kingfish in the Chase N’Tailz KDW. Most importantly we met a lot of great people and new friends! 2016 was our first official professional season in which we fished about 20 tournaments. We had our ups and downs this year fishing on our new 31’ Ocean Master but still managed to pull off some top places and even one win! This year we met some more great people and were also able to help put together Anglers for the Cure, which benefits prostate cancer awareness and Chase N’Tailz, which benefits children’s Gaucher research with two of our good friends Adriana and Summer. We worked very hard and gained a lot of new sponsors who helped us have a successful season. We are a Division 8 team in the SKA and were invited to attend the 2016 National Championships. Not bad for a first year! We are looking forward to 2017 and what the new season will bring. We plan on fishing about 21 tournaments this year as we are growing bigger and better as a team.

We are blessed to have some great sponsors for 2017. Wet Sounds provides us some great tunes no matter what we're doing. Avet reels paired with some heavy duty Connley rods can take on even the biggest king with ease! Last year we came across another great sponsor with a great new idea. Check them out at for your ballyhoo rigs! We are grateful to all of sponsors and even though we can't list them all here you can check out our website at to see them and their great products or just come talk to us out on the water!

-Captain Tracy Strong

Profishnt Fishing Team


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