We're excited for 2016 - are you?! Please enjoy the SKA's official recap of our 2015 Tournament Trail. A special thank you to all the Anglers, Teams, and SKA Partners who made last year an amazing one. Looking forward to another great year on the trail.


SignZoo is no stranger to turning heads. Having wrapped hundreds of our anglers’ boats, trailers, and trucks over the years, they’re no stranger to us as well. But this time, we really think they outdid themselves.

New blood merits a new image, and so the SKA Team has worked hard to create new artwork for our association - artwork that embodies the energy, power and determination of our sport and its anglers. Once the artwork was completed, the first order of business was updating our fleet, and who better to wrap our 3500 Chevrolet Silverado and trailers than SignZoo?


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