The crew here at SKA headquarters are pleased to introduce you all to the Southern Kingfish Association's new website, FISHSKA.COM. This site boasts the latest technology for a fully responsive, mobile-friendly user experience. What does that mean for you? Same-day points and standings notifications, personal Team Profile pages, more opportunities for fans and sponsors to review your statistics, direct links and updates to your social media platforms and easy sign-up processes for Points Forms and Membership Applications.

Best of all, we're excited to introduce a new tradition to the Association: Official SKA Power Rankings. For those of you familiar with the NFL or Nascar Power Rankings, our SKA Power Rankings will follow similar suit. Every Wednesday morning, you can expect updates to the top 10 Teams holding court over the Southeast. SKA Directors review performances on a weekly basis, and make their predictions online for the whole world to view. It's just one more interactive aspect that will surely add to the fun, healthy, competitive nature of our sport. Brought to you by Mercury Motors, the official SKA Power Rankings are sure to be a Wednesday morning ritual for all of you.

Team Profile Pages are another new feature we're excited to launch. Every active SKA Team has the ability to create a Team Profile Page. Once registered for the 2015 Tournament Season, Team Captains will receive emails with instructions to log into their FISHSKA.COM profile page online. From there, Captains have the ability to load a Team Photo, sponsor logos, links and even a Team Biography. In addition to Team Profiles, every active SKA Member has the ability to create an SKA Login on fishska.com. This login will allow you as a member, to add comments to FishSKA.com articles, update your information as a member, and keep your information accessible for future use - so you can say goodbye to constantly re-submitting application forms with addresses, boat, and engine details!

We have also added the ability to submit SKA Points Forms online (please note, Points Forms are only accessible to Team Captains). Filling out Points Forms online is free to anglers (there will remain a $10 Form Charge for all those signing up at the SKA Trailer before tournaments). Captains have until 11:59pm the night of the Tournaments' scheduled Captains Meeting to complete and submit a Points Form online. Furthermore, Points Forms are uneditable once submitted - so if a Team needs to make a change, they will have to speak with SKA Staff in order to do so. Simply call our Headquarters and make the necessary requests. 

Rest assured, anglers may continue to submit membership applications and Points Forms in person - at the SKA Trailers - during any tournament. We're just happy to offer other options for those of you interested in the convenience of online access.

The new FISHSKA.com has also upgraded its Photo Gallery. Partnering up with SmugMug Galleries, now all of SKA's professional tournament photos are available for purchase online. As an active SKA member, you can download tournament and team photographs, order hard copy prints, specialized enlargements or even special keepsakes (playing cards, mouse pads, mugs, etc.). 

Also new to the mix is our updated Apparel Store, SKAGEAR.COM. Not able to find the right t-shirt size at last weekend's tournament? Hop online and order any of the SKA newly designed apparel and accessories! We've got Tervis Tumblers, High Performance T-shirts, Camouflage SKA hats and Visors, tons a Ladies' apparel and even Dog Bandannas!

More updates, archive additions and new website features are coming down the pipe so please stay tuned! The old SKA website will also remain accessible for an additional 90 days, for those of you still in need of referencing past articles and standings. In the meantime, SKA Directors will be available to answer your questions and hear suggestions at any one of our sanctioned events. 

See you on the trail!


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